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Stephen Oleksewycz is a passionate and driven entrepreneur living and working in Halifax, United Kingdom.

Stephen had originally planned on having a career in football, but when an injury ended that plan, Oleksewycz went to work in event management. Stephen was always interested in events and event planning, and it turns out he has a true talent for it. Oleksewycz always knew he had a talent for events, and when he would attend them, he would often take note of things he would have done differently. Oleksewycz found the opportunity to try event planning while his wife was pregnant with his daughter, and founded “An Experience With.” As the name suggests, the brand creates experiences with celebrities. Stephen flies the celebrity to a venue, and they tell their life story over dinner with the guests. Oleksewycz became so successful that celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone started reaching out to him. Oleksewycz and Schwarzenegger had such a great connection that the two are now working together to bring the Arnold Sports Fest to the United Kingdom.